Tony Keyz

A native of Syracuse, NY, Tony Keyz started his journey into music at a very early age. Alike many soulful artists, Keyz got his start in the church. His first instrument was the drums at age 9. He soon ventured over to the keyboard at 13 and then the guitar at age 14. A quick learner,  Tony Keyz taught himself to play each of those instruments. Coming from a family of musicians, he began to write lyrics, create beats and perform Hip-Hop. He took his talents to the next level when he learned to play the lap steel guitar at age 16. He now plays the pedal steel guitar like he was born to do it. His love for music shows in everything that he does. At age 20, Keyz is a well-rounded performer; a musician’s musician. Tony Keyz has performed with various artists such as Mac The M.C., QDC, Slick Fashionz, & Lock7.