Lock7's love for music stems from being around classical and gospel music all of his life. Growing up around music started developing his skills as a musician at an early age with eight years of piano lessons and eleven years of vocal lessons. As Lock7 puts it playing piano has always been a constant in his life. Ever since the age of 9 Lock7 has played piano in church, composed music, wrote poetry, and sang in numerous choirs. This would be where the basic building blocks of the writer, producer, and vocalist Lock7 would develop into refined skills. Lock7 has performed with artists such as Mac the MC, QDC, Chris Webby, Lil Baby, and Grammy award winning performing group the New York Voices. He has worked with producers such as Curtis Anderson, 40, Dynasty Beats, Peter Porceli, and Tony Keyz. Videographers he has worked with are KJ Films, 23 Films, Jayful Films, and Cindo Movies.