Slick Fashionz

Slick Fashionz is an american rapper, and songwriter. He was born in Lynchburg, Virginia. He was raised in Syracuse, NY . At the early age of 14, Slick Fashionz dove into the rap game as a Battle Rapper competing around Upstate, NY. Around this time he was musically known as “Free”. He'd battle other artists from Upstate, NY  outside of his High-School or in rough neighborhoods thus publicly displaying his raw talent and free-styling abilities. His love for music stems from the close relationship he's had with his mother, who was musically gifted with a voice. Additionally she was raised in the church with a large family who shared many musical talents which would later in life rub off on her son Slick Fashionz. The name Slick was given to him by his father because of his unique ability to use his charismatic skill to tell a story using analogy & metaphors. Fashionz is derived from his swagger, also from the style in which he delivers his lyrics. Slick Fashionz's music tells stories of a man on the path of growth, love, peace, and adversity and their relation to his love for Hip-Hop music. Slick Fashionz released his 1st mixtape GunzNButta in the Summer of 2018, which built buzz throughout The State Of New York, and spread to the Southern Region of the United States. Slick Fashionz has collaborated with artists such as Dotarachi, Lock7, Ty Vegas , 485KingSumo , A Mafia and Many More .  Slick Fashionz is set to launch his Mixtape [Purple]  in the Summer of 2019, digitally on all major platforms.